Essen Health Care expands partnership with MyndYou, using the company’s AI-powered virtual care assistant, “MyEleanor,” to connect more often with chronic care patients

The healthtech platform can detect changes in a patient’s health, alert care teams to problems, schedule medical appointments, and more

New York, NY – October 27, 2021: Essen Health Care, a leading healthcare network and group practice for underserved communities in New York State, announced today an expanded partnership with MyndYou, a healthcare technology solution provider and creator of MyEleanor, an AI-based virtual care assistant. Following a successful pilot program that began in June, Essen Health Care will expand its use of the MyEleanor platform to call patients and check in on their overall health and wellbeing.

“We launched MyEleanor to get in touch and stay in touch with as many people as possible, including those in underserved communities, Spanish speakers, and people who struggle to access healthcare,” said Dr. Sumir Sahgal, founder & chief medical officer of Essen Health Care. “The results were so overwhelming[ly positive that] we scaled up the initial program. MyEleanor expands our capacity to engage more patients more frequently, improves the care they receive, and lowers costs by reducing urgent and emergency care visits.”

Currently, MyEleanor conducts telephone outreach to individuals who have recently visited urgent care centers or are part of Essen’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) patient population, engaging them in conversations about their health. MyEleanor collects the information from the patient, but can also analyze changes in speech, which can indicate a problem with the patient’s health, such as a risk of falls or medication noncompliance. MyEleanor assesses the patient’s situation and provides insights to the patient’s care team.

“Everyone—regardless of their age, gender or background—deserves equal access to high-quality, convenient care,” said MyndYou CEO Ruth Poliakine Baruchi. “We’re excited to help Essen deliver care more efficiently and lower the overall cost of healthcare.”

In its first few months of service at Essen Health Care, 12% of MyEleanor patient check-up calls have resulted in a clinical action:

  • 20% resulted in referrals to physician appointments
  • 5% resulted in referrals to post-hospital programs
  • 12% coordinated delivery of patient medical equipment and supplies

This monitoring solution is an innovative new approach for identifying deteriorating health conditions and hospitalization risk—allowing for improved delivery of care and potential cost savings.

“Our goal with MyEleanor is to keep the channels of communication open between patients and their healthcare providers,” said Tali Segev, director of customer success for MyndYou. “Ultimately, we can improve care and reduce unnecessary care calls and medical emergencies, which is a real problem in many of the communities Essen Health Care serves.”

Essen Health Care offers its patients the ability to choose either the English or the Spanish version of the MyEleanor platform, adjust the frequency of calls, or opt out of the program entirely.

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About MyndYou: 
MyndYou is a New York City-based health-tech company that helps health payers and providers improve care quality, boost engagement, and reduce costs. Our AI-powered virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, calls high- or rising-risk individuals and triages them using a proprietary data analytics engine, which detects subtle changes in a member’s voice, listening not only to what members say, but also how they say it. We help healthcare organizations extend reach and expand access by engaging patients in natural-sounding, meaningful, and evidence-based phone conversations. MyEleanor can detect health concerns, including chronic and emerging medical conditions, and predicts problems such as falls risk and medication non-adherence, so care teams can quickly intervene. Customizable and scalable, she can also conduct surveys, questionnaires, and pre-visit screenings and independently enroll patients in programs and services, delivering more conversions in less time at a significantly lower cost as compared to human outreach. Learn more at

About Essen Health Care:
Founded in 1999, Essen Health Care is a growing community healthcare network and group practice with more than150 primary and specialty care physicians and 100+ advanced clinicians providing high quality, compassionate, and accessible medical care to more than 100,0000 of the most vulnerable and under-served residents of New York State. Guided by a population health model of care, Essen has five integrated clinical divisions offering primary care, urgent care and specialty services, as well as nursing home staffing and care management. All clinical services are offered via telehealth, 29 office practices and clinics as well as house calls for homebound seniors. Essen is dedicated to ensuring the quality of care for all patients and has been designated a ‘Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home’ by the National Committee for Quality Assurance.

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