How It Works

MyndYou does what no other platform is doing today. Our AI-powered virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, calls your most at-risk patients and engages in a personalized, dynamic AI conversation with them to learn about their health — and their lives. Since MyEleanor also can detect subtle changes in a patient’s voice, it uses all this data to triage a patient using our proprietary data analytics engine.

Expanded Reach

Eleanor expands patient reach and increases touchpoints to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of care teams.

When MyEleanor detects a change in health status that requires follow-up, it sends HIPAA-compliant alerts, transcripts, and actionable data to care teams, allowing them to focus on the members who need them the most. MyEleanor also can proactively seek information by conducting surveys, questionnaires, and screenings.

Engaged Patients

The MyEleanor platform actively engages patients in their own health and in their home environment with meaningful, personalized conversations, becoming

the “voice” of your health plan

Eleanor boosts patient satisfaction and experience and promotes health and well-being by providing a sense of connection and continuous support.

Eleanor can also share information directly to patients, including plan benefits, behavioral health hotlines, and information about community-based services.

Eleanor becomes the plan’s eyes and ears, helping to build a strong relationship with your patients.

Lower Care Costs

Eleanor detects changes and deteriorations early — before they escalate.

Even better, it can help predict some of the costliest episodes, including falls and medication non-adherence, so you can intervene. This helps health plans reduce high-cost and unnecessary utilization, including ED visits and hospital admissions.


Lower Care Costs


MyndYou’s clinical team helps you select vulnerable populations, based on pre-determined criteria that will help you reach your program goals.


We then customize our evidence-based scripts to meet the needs of your patient population and Eleanor begins enrollment outreach


Eleanor calls participants on their selected day/time and engages them in meaningful conversations about their health, medication adherence, chronic condition management, and more.


Patients receive helpful and customized information that helps them better control their conditions, including referrals, health tips & reminders, health benefit & hotline numbers.


Track, triage, and coordinate care using our reported actionable insights and priority alerts. Delivered via your platform or ours.


Putting It All Together

Expanded reach, lower costs, more engaged members:

Eleanor gets measurable results.

In one partnership with a large Midwest health plan,

Eleanor’s average weekly member reach was nearly 90%, well above industry standards.

In a cohort of seniors with multiple chronic conditions

Eleanor detected and reported three times more falls than care managers and discovered that 10% of patients were not taking their medications regularly.

Across multiple implementations,

84% of participants felt more connected to their health plan after participating in calls with Eleanor.

Listen to Eleanor in Action

These are demo recordings based on real patient conversations with Eleanor, with full consent from recorded parties.

Eleanor Demos

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