Tali Segev Promoted to Vice President of Customer Success

Tali Segev
Tali Segev

MyndYou is pleased to announce that Tali Segev has been promoted to vice president of customer successShe’ll continue to be a champion for proactive collaboration to drive impact and positive change for healthcare consumers and the dedicated clinical teams that care for them.

A part of the company since its early days, Tali is committed to the company’s vision of expanding access to better healthcare for those that need it most, using a human-centered approach that is also data- and metrics-driven.

Tali works hand-in-hand with MyndYou’s partners to design and implement customized, scalable MyEleanor campaigns. And she’s adept at assessing outcomes and optimizing project parameters to ensure success. 

“She is a true leader with a great talent for listening to and meeting our customer’s needs,” said founder and CTO Itay Baruchi, PhD. 

Tali earned a BA with a focus in Global Health from the University of Illinois and holds a Masters in Public Health from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where she helped lead multiple epidemiological studies.

Read more about Tali’s personal journey to a career at the intersection of digital health and public health and why she thinks it’s a great fit for a forward-thinking, adventure-seeking, impact-driven public health advocate like herself.

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The MyndYou team serves a higher mission to impact lives for the better. We perform our work with respect and trust, maintaining open communication, working collaboratively to solve challenges and effect rapid progress. We are a culturally diverse team committed to providing the best product experience for our customers and their patients. MyndYou does what no other platform is doing today. Our active-listening virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, extends your member reach by calling high- or rising-risk populations and triaging them using our proprietary data analytics engine. Eleanor detects subtle changes in a patient’s voice, listening not only to what they say, but also how they say it.