A Call With MyEleanor: High-Quality, Patient-Centric Care

Here’s a story that moved the MyndYou team this week. (The beginning is sad to hear, but bear with us; there is a happy ending.)

In this transcript from a real phone call, you can see how our AI-powered virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, doesn’t just talk to patients.

She engages them in a meaningful and actionable conversation. 

As we get ready to head to Baltimore for the National Association of ACOs’ annual spring conference, it seems especially timely. 

Eleanor: How are you doing today?

Patient: Very poorly.

Eleanor: I just want to make sure: Have you spoken to your doctor since returning from the hospital or emergency room?

Patient: No. I need a house call from a doctor.

Eleanor: Have there been any recent changes in your health that make you think you might have to go back to the emergency room?

Patient: Yes, yes.

Eleanor: Is there anything else you need?

Patient: I can’t get to the store, so I’m only eating one meal a day. 

Here’s what happens next

Eleanor sends the following high-priority alerts to the care team:

– Significant health change.

– Patient has many needs to prevent readmission.

– Patient might need emergency care.

– No MD visit; no appointment scheduled; patient needs assistance to set MD appointment.

She also sends alerts that the patient is having trouble getting medications or supplies and has food access issues.

The provider’s care team quickly arranged an in-home visit for the bedridden patient and coordinated with a community-based organization (CBO) for help with food and other social determinants of health issues. (Eleanor can also give people contact info for community services or behavioral health hotlines on-the-spot and can conduct hot transfers, too.)

“This breaks my heart,” one of our employees said. But, she noted, there is a happy ending: “It is so meaningful that they shared this struggle with Eleanor so she could get them help.”

This is patient-centric accountable care

Care coordinators, doctors’ offices, and other caregivers simply can’t make as many phone calls as often and as quickly as Eleanor can. Keeping in touch with patients between in-person visits is especially challenging during the current worker shortage. 

We help healthcare organizations increase touch points–especially for high- and rising-risk patients and during transitions of care such as hospital discharges–in a cost-effective way.

“One of Eleanor’s greatest strengths is her ability to detect and report problems so human care teams can intervene before a costly readmission or ER visit and before a health concern becomes a health crisis,” says MyndYou founder and CEO Ruth Poliakine Baruchi.

“But just as important–to us and to our partners–is that we help provide patient-centric care that treats the whole person and all of their needs, whether it’s an urgent medical intervention or help with day-to-day living and wellbeing.”

If you’re in Baltimore next week for the National Association of ACOs‘ annual spring conference, please come visit us–and say hello to Eleanor–to learn more about why we’re so passionate about high-quality, patient-centered care. We’ll be at table 7!