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Ruth Poliakine

Ruth Poliakine Baruchi

Founder, CEO

Ruth is passionate about finding the most elegant and sensitive way to integrate cutting-edge technologies into care, providing parents and grandparents with the quality of  life they deserve.

As an experienced executive and entrepreneur in the healthcare sector, with over 17 years of experience building innovative products and bringing them to market, Ruth is well versed in Medical Devices, Digital Health, and Wearable Technologies. Ruth has an extensive background in leading multidisciplinary teams throughout the product lifecycle process, including development, production, delivery, marketing, and channel management. Intrigued by the opportunity of improving human health and wellness while leveraging advanced technologies and processes, she directs her team’s creativity to solve big problems with enhanced solutions.

Listen as Eleanor makes a call...

Hear Eleanor, our active-listening virtual care assistant, in real life conversations with patients and members:


Eleanor isn’t your average voice bot: She’s conversational, personable, and engaging. Eleanor can also be customized to converse with your unique populations (in English or Spanish) and to deliver targeted messaging to achieve your outreach goals.