Artificial Intelligence Based
Conversational Voice Assistant

The first AI-based virtual care manager that speaks and listens to patients.

Eleanor goes beyond traditional patient engagement by utilizing her 20,000+ hours of clinical training to speak with patients and listen for changes in health.

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MyndYou CTO Itay Baruchi
Itay Baruchi, PhD., CTO

How Does AI Learn? A Conversation With MyndYou's CTO

Our virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, is the product of the close collaboration between MyndYou’s data scientists and software engineers working closely with licensed clinical teams. Much more than a typical “voice bot”, Eleanor is optimized to talk with geriatric populations. She actively listens and carries on conversation with a natural human-like cadence and rhythm.

Utilizing tens of thousands of VOIP call recordings between patients and clinicians, Eleanor harnesses her cumulative learning to conduct personable, accessible, and engaging conversation with diverse patient populations.

Find out more from our CTO, Itay Baruchi, PhD. →

MyndYou Selected as a World Economic Forum "Technology Pioneer"

MyndYou’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered virtual care assistant takes population health and patient care management to an entirely new level. The customizable MyEleanor solution helps care teams and payers work together to help seniors by managing the social determinants of health, chronic conditions, medication adherence, fall prevention and more. The highly cost-effective voice-based solution uses natural language processing and a proprietary analytic algorithm and has the potential to save $50 billion annually in the US alone.
"I always look forward to [Eleanor's] phone calls. It's been a wonderful experience!"

MyEleanor Receives Rave Reviews from Patients

When we talk about our AI-based virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, some people are surprised that a voice assistant can build a relationship with patients over the phone, that they really do tell her things they won’t tell their own doctor or a human care manager.

One of the first questions we usually get: Do people really want to talk to her?

Well, this group of patients enrolled in a unique, longitudinal chronic care management program can answer, “Yes!” Read their comments after a year speaking with Eleanor. →


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Scale and Automate Your Outreach

Whether you’re managing open enrollment, recruiting new patients, improving care management, providing beneficial health information, helping to increase annual wellness visits, or implementing a targeted quality or risk adjustment program, we can help you do it faster and at a lower cost than relying completely on a human team.

MyndYou’s virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, completes as many or more member interactions in less time and at significantly lower cost compared to human outreach.

Eleanor is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing to engage people in meaningful conversations — in either English or Spanish.

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About MyndYou Inc.

We’re a group of clinicians, technical experts, and innovators on a mission to pair simple yet sophisticated technology and actionable data with a human touch to keep seniors safe, engaged, and healthy at home. 

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Listen as Eleanor makes a call...

Hear Eleanor, our active-listening virtual care assistant, in real life conversations with patients and members:


Eleanor isn’t your average voice bot: She’s conversational, personable, and engaging. Eleanor can also be customized to converse with your unique populations (in English or Spanish) and to deliver targeted messaging to achieve your outreach goals.