Automate Your Enrollment & Outreach Campaigns

MyEleanor is a virtual care assistant that delivers more conversions in less time at a significantly lower cost as compared to human outreach

Improve Enrollment Campaign Results

Eleanor can match and often outperform human outreach efforts.


Eleanor makes unlimited calls at once, surpassing the reach of human teams.

Manage More High & Rising Risk Members

Eleanor never gets tired, never loses focus, and delivers your message consistently.

Improve Annual Wellness Visit Rates

Your extended outreach via Eleanor means more members completing their wellness visits.

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Get more conversions more quickly
and at a lower cost

Whether you’re managing open enrollment, recruiting new patients, improving care management, providing beneficial health information, helping increase annual wellness visits, or executing any targeted quality or risk adjustment programs, we can help you do it faster, and at a lower cost than relying completely on a human team.

MyndYou’s virtual care assistant, MyEleanor, delivers as many or more conversions in less time at a significantly lower cost when compared to human outreach efforts.

Eleanor is powered by AI and natural language processing to engage people in meaningful conversations — in English or Spanish.

Eleanor makes unlimited phone calls at once, she never gets tired, never loses focus, and delivers your message consistently every time, recording and documenting every encounter.

Fully scalable and customizable, Eleanor sends the only qualified leads to your team, or completes enrollment in programs and services on the spot.

Meanwhile, our team of clinical and technology experts helps you launch, monitor, and manage your campaigns for maximum speed and efficiency.

Find it hard to believe a virtual care assistant can achieve results on par with humans? (We don’t blame you!) Let’s let some of Eleanor’s recent programs speak for themselves.

Proven Results: Outreach Campaigns

Take a quick look at the results you can achieve with MyEleanor

Program 1
Health System New Patient Enrollment Campaign

Eleanor called unattributed patients who had been seen by health system providers (in an acute setting during the pandemic), inviting them to become unrolled patients with the health system. Interested parties were then transferred to a human team to complete enrollment.

Results: Eleanor transferred 47% of the patients she spoke with to the client team, based on client-defined conversion criteria.

  • Final enrollment rate for Eleanor’s program was nearly identical (.2% difference) to the full human team outreach, yet was completed in a fraction of the time and a cost savings of almost $26 per patient enrolled.
  • Eleanor reduced calls a human would have made by 86%, sending only highly qualified leads for follow up, freeing up call center resources for other priorities.

Program 2
Chronic Care Management (CCM) Self-Enrollment Campaign

Eleanor made “cold” calls, offering her services to members enrolled in a partner CCM program. After outreach and conversation with Eleanor alone, 34% enrolled with her on the spot.

Results: Compared to a prior human outreach effort, Eleanor converted more members in shorter time at a significant cost benefit

  • Human outreach had high variability, competing campaign priorities, non-adherence to protocol, and fewer call attempts = lower reach rate
  • Eleanor was focused, highly scalable, able to attempt all members on consecutive days

Satisfying members, improving care, driving down costs

“I was surprised with what I learned and how good it felt to be able to count on a regular contact (even if it was a robot). Most of all, I was surprised at the rapid response when I told Eleanor that I wanted to discuss stress and depression with a human. Fantastic!”

Member, Large Medicare Advantage Plan

Find out how Eleanor can help your team today

Get an interactive demo of MyEleanor’s features and abilities. We are here to discuss how you can utilize Eleanor for your next enrollment campaign. See increased conversions, lower costs, and greater outreach.

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